Monday, January 2, 2012

Santa's Way Station

Canon 5D, 20mm @ f3.5, 1/20, on tripod

Our good friends (let's call them Mr. and Mrs. Santa) have been honoring the Christmas season for more than 30 years by decorating their home inside and out, and inviting the community to visit during an annual open house. Over the years, the display has become more elaborate, as they added new elements, ornaments and lights.

One item they have put out each year has been a special mailbox where neighborhood children can post their letters for Santa. Mrs. Santa responds to each child's letter with a handwritten, personal note. Our friends then save the childrens' original letters and, when possible, give them to their parents in later years.

Mr. Santa asked me to preserve their efforts with a photo of the outside light display. I took the photo from across the street, standing on the bed of Mr. Santa's pickup... er, sleigh. I used a low ISO to avoid digital noise, and slightly underexposed to preserve details in the highlights while allowing the dark night to go fully black.

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