Tuesday, September 10, 2013


The second day of judging is complete for the Photography Scavenger Hunt International Competition. The theme for the second day was "Popsicle." This was my entry. No awards today, but I had fun setting up and taking this photo. I used two, off-camera flash strobes, three white reflector boards and a black background. I only photographed two popsicles, one at a time. After drilling a small hole in the wooden sticks, I hung each popsicle upside down using an "S" hook and fishing line that was tied to the ceiling grid support.

In post-processing, I turned the popsicles right-side-up, repaired the holes in the wooden sticks, and duplicated the yellow popsicle twice (to make a total of four popsicles.) Then I replaced the yellow color of the two newly created popsicles, making one green and one purple. I then arranged the four completed popsicles so that they overlapped to give a sense of depth to the photo.

Canon 5D Mark III with a 24 to 105mmm lens @ 105mm; f16, 1/200, iso 100.

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