Thursday, September 12, 2013


The fifth day of judging is complete for the Photography Scavenger Hunt International Competition. The theme for the day was "Watermelon." This photo was my entry and I was very pleased to receive another "Honorable Mention" for it.

I used two flash strobes, aimed at white reflector board that served as the background. For front lighting, I used a silver reflector positioned just above the camera. I suspended the slice of watermelon by screwing two eyelet screws into the rind then attaching fishing line that was tied to the ceiling grid support. I carefully positioned the fork in order to catch the light off the background.

After taking the shot of the watermelon slice, I took a second photo of a spray of liquid from a water bottle. I used the same lighting set up as with the first exposure.

In post-processing, I combined the two photos, positioning the spray of liquid at the point where the fork entered into the watermelon.

Canon 5D Mark III with a 24 to 105mmm lens @ 60mm; f10, 1/125, iso 200.

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