Monday, September 16, 2013


Day eight for the Photography Scavenger Hunt International Competition. The theme for day eight was "Stars." This was my submission for the theme and I'm pleased that it won an "Honorable Mention."

I took this shot at Hueston Woods State Park, at the edge of Acton Lake near the lodge there. It was about 3:00 am on a very clear, crisp summer night. My son, Sean, came along to keep me company. We didn't see another soul.

I set my tripod up on a stretch of cement walkway that leads to some wooden docks. I first tried setting up right on the docks, but the motion of the water made that idea unacceptable. I knew this would be a long exposure and the camera would need to be rock-steady.

I chose to shoot toward the western sky because the only city lights in that direction were from Brookville, Indiana and College Corner, Ohio. Other compass points were overwhelmed with light from Cincinnati, Hamilton and Dayton.

Canon 5D Mark III with a 28-70mm lens @ 28mm; f3.5, 30 seconds, with iso 3200.

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